Assuring the resilience of our telecommunicators through strategic long-term planning.  

911 Wellness Foundation

2011 - 2017...Now 

The 911 industry has always been led by many outstanding people and organizations who value the crucial role of the public safety telecommunicator at the heart of our nation's emergency response system.


Yet in 2011, Jim Marshall and 911 leader Jim Lanier recognized that 911Pros' extraordinary stress called for establishment of one organization exclusively devoted to assuring the telecommunicator's well-being. Together, joined by 911 industry leaders, and a group of health professionals, they founded the 911 Wellness Foundation (911WF), a non-profit headquartered in Michigan.  After six years working successfully to elevate the issue of telecommunicator well-being in the 911 community, the Foundation recognized that its best contribution to the future of this work was now to support new wellness initiatives of our 911 membership associations. Accordingly, 911WF officially wrapped up its business in February, 2017. 


Marshall, Lanier and the rest of our 911WF board members remain highly active in advocating for 911 resilience and mental health. And the the services of the 911 Training Institute featured on this website also help support the Foundation's mission. The 911WF website is now re-titled "911 Wellness" and continues as a resource to the 911 community, telling the story of the Foundation's work and providing resources of high value and relevance to all 911 stakeholders helping to shape the future of the 911 profession.