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Dr. Angela Johnson is a Resilience and Call Mastery Instructor, with clinical expertise on the impacts of compassion fatigue and trauma on 9-1-1 professionals and other first-responders.


​Dr. Johnson is a retired dispatcher and supervisor with 18 years of service. She brings a unique, first-hand working perspective, joined with her clinical expertise, to the challenges, stress, and trauma that first-responders face every day on the job. She is passionate about training them with skills that will help them cope and empowering them to thrive in these demanding roles.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Assistant Professor in higher education, Dr. Johnson is committed to advancing support for all public-safety professionals. Her diverse background also includes serving as a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) instructor and consultant for a local police department. She is also a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Peer Support teams that support responders after high impact events and she sits on the Health and Wellness Committee for APCO International. 


Dr. Johnson holds a Doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

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