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Public Safety Now:
Ensuring Emotional Health for Public Safety Workers in Times of Challenge
HxGN Spotlight
John Whitehead
Interview with Jim Marshall
and Tracy Eldridge

And right now is a time when people’s batteries are going to be drained down far more every day because of all the uncertainty and the increased lack of control. So, what we want to do is reset, even during hot calls, you can take deep breaths while they’re talking, when you’re entering into CADS. I call it ‘CAD breathing’.

The answer (to dispatcher stress challenges) isn't doing something for 911 dispatchers, it's empowering them with the Resilient 9-1-1 Mindset. We have phenomenal people who have hit the wall with PTSD...who are in despair and they are literally struggling with thoughts of suicide because they think they will suffer the rest of their lives... They can heal. an Evidence Based Treatment...                                           



The Book! Resilient 9-1-1 Professional 
Within the Trenches
Ricardo Martinez  
Episode 193: Interview with Jim Marshall 
April 27, 2018


(Ricardo) I was pretty much killing myself, slowly, just through food really...A few weeks back I wrote "Sugar--we're goin' down!" ...because sugar is a big part of what I've been dealing with...   

(Ryan) I'm sitting here having lunch with my friend and I order a salad. She ridicules me. And so I explain: "I have a couple of knucklehead friends who roped me into doing this Fit Challenge...                                   




Three Amigos Tell All about their Own #911FitChallenge
Within the Trenches
Ricardo Martinez  
Episode 170: Ricardo with Ryan Dedmon & Jim Marshall. February 3, 2018


2017 Navigator
Within the Trenches
Ricardo Martinez
Episode 141: Interview with Ryan Dedmon
April 2017

Learn about our Certified Peer Support and Emergency Mental Health Dispatching training programs.

"Emotional Labor Among 911 Dispatchers"
The Plural of You
Josh Morgan
Interview with Jim Marshall
March 15, 2016


I tell dispatchers: you receive, in any given year, calls from only two percent of your community. Because they’re all bad calls, you start to think that everything out there is horrible and it sucks, and that it’s just a dark world. The reality is 98 percent of people are minding their own business, trying to do good, trying to take care of each other, love their family, serve their community. We need to regain perspective...

"NENA 2015 with Jim Marshall & Bob Currier"
E911 Podcast
Mark Fletcher
July 1, 2015


There is so much good that can be done [to support the well-being our telecommunicators]. All that is required, and what the Foundation represents [is]...a systematic, strategic long-term initiative that brings all the right people together to move forward...What research do we need to really understand the challenges telecommunicators face, but also the solutions--not just to talk about problems,

but so we can create solutions...

"Pursuing Wellness & Peak Performance in the NG911 PSAP"
The State of 911
National 911 Program
September 10, 2014


"Usually during this first segment we have someone from a federal agency presenting, but every once in a while there is an issue that is so prevalent at the national level that we decide to devote some time to it; and certainly the wellness of the 911 telecommunicator is one of those we were really happy to get Jim Marshall to present today..."

Laurie Flaherty, 911 Program Coordinator

When you come home from the center, you're body's there but your brain hasn't caught up yet. There are few jobs in which people are dealiing with such hot, fresh, intense trauma drama. For you as frontline dispatchers to have a way to attend to your own stress, to be able to take those breaths and say "okay, I did hard work today. What still stands out in my mind...that call when that baby stopped breathing...what do I do with that before I

enter into the a human being? 

Protecting The 911Pros Family Life
Within the Trenches
Ricardo Martinez and Whitney the Wonderful
Interview with Jim Marshall and Dee Ann Summersett
May 24, 2013


Your Oxygen Mask First.jpg
Your Oxygen Mask First
Erin Yeung
Episode 14: Interview with
Ryan Dedmon
August 20, 2018

If you're happy and healthy, you show up to work and you're a better employee. If you're a better employee, that spreads like wildfire and before you know it everyone on your shift feels like you do. We raise the morale in our Comm Centers and at our agencies, and then working as a dispatcher isn't all the doom and gloom we stereo typically portray it to be.

The Survive & Thrive Fit Challenge is a collaborative partnership between the 911 Training Institute and Within the Trenches Podcast. Jim Marshall, the Director of the 911 Training Institute, developed this challenge after Survive & Thrive, one of his more popular training classes for dispatchers. Partnering with Ricardo Martinez, the Creator of Within the Trenches Podcast and Founder of the #IAM911 Movement, both men will begin a fitness journey together.                                                      



The Survive &
Thrive FitChallenge
Within the Trenches
Ricardo Martinez  
Interview with Jim Marshall and Ryan Dedmon
December 22, 2017