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Whether you found us on your own, or read the chapter "When You're Give-A-Damn is Busted" in The Resilient 911 Professional, we're glad you're here now, because there's...

Help for Compassion Fatigue

By Jim Marshall

Two Great Resources  

The ProQOL & The CF Self-Care Planner  

It's been many years since my first conversation with the humble Compassion Fatigue pioneer, Beth Hudnall-Stamm. I was convinced from my studies that her empirically supported tool, 

The ProQOL (Professional Quality of Life Screening)

...was the best screening tool I could share with the 911 Family. Despite her worldwide success, she reacted to my portrayal of dispatcher stress with immediate and deep support. 

Since then, many 911Pros in my class, Survive & Thrive have completed the ProQOL to explore how they're doing related to Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction. Now, it's your turn! There's no charge, and you can score it up yourself. 
Then just read the provided explanations of your scores to understand what your results may mean. Then, if your scores are high on Secondary Traumatic Stress and or Burn-out, follow the instructions; and you can use the 911TI resource (included with the ProQOL) called Countering Compassion Fatigue. This just takes a few minutes to complete and can make a big difference in protecting your future.   


Please keep this in mind: screening tools are not designed to diagnose mental health problems, nor are they able to do so reliably. Their purpose is to gain insight that can lead to a more trustworthy definition of your struggle with clinical help, then to the treatment you may need.  And, always seek help if you're in crisis. 

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