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Passion and Unique Expertise driving A New Vision
 for Training in the 911 Industry
Choose below from a full menu of courses taught by Jim Marshall within our two areas of specialty. 
"Survive & Thrive Comprehensive Stress Resilience Training"
Evidence-based Stress Resilience Training
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This is the best stress training class I've seen. I've been to several classes and Survive and Thrive is by far the best...
Finally, I've been in Communications for 30 years and finally someone got it right!
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...helped "pull me back" to a more compassionate place with new tools... I will definitely recommend this class for my management to send others... Best class participation I've been involved with. Exceptional.
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"Emergency Mental Health Dispatching
Clinically informed strategies for boosting cooperation of callers with Mental Illness
(EMHD Non-certification Track)
"911 Peak Performance through Optimized HomeLife"
The Nation's only course bringing together 911Pros and their families to protect life on both fronts! Very funny. 
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If my husband and I had had the opportunity to learn the relationship skills I learned today, I think we

could have made it. Thank you!

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"The Power of Peer Support"
A one-day introductory course designed especially for 911Professionals
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This was the best training I've been to - many people participated and the subject matter was very important… Very great class… Every dispatcher should take it.
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Responder Resilience

Boosting Performance, Retention, Morale & Quality of Life


Mastery of 911 Calls

Involving Mental Crises for Optimal Performance and Scene Safety


"Building 911 LifeBridges
To Suicide Callers"
Science-Driven, Protocol-Guided Training for Best Practices" 
"Why Do They Stay? Peak Performance in Managing Domestic Violence Calls
Mastering Calls involving
Domestic Violence
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Another quality class taught by Marshall. Time and training dollars well spent...
I am sure I will continue to talk about this class/instructor for a while. 
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Terrific class, tremendously helpful...

So much of what I learned last week just rolled out of my mouth like I had done it 100 times before. I can't tell you how "at ease" I was with the caller.

I was never nervous, never afraid.

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"The 911 Certified Peer Supporter"
The Three-Day course  and ongoing Supervised Experience to guide your center's PS Program
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What a fantastic course. It has been such a great 3 days...I've learned even more about myself and my ability to bounce back. I truly look forward to changing the "Suck it Up" culture! ... [This course should be recommended to] ...all 9-1-1 centers nationwide.

Please note: While this class was originally designed as part of a certification process, we recognize that not all agencies are interested in/can afford certification - and that's just fine! This class can also be taken as a stand-alone course in "Advanced Peer Support"- and will improve & strengthen peer support abilities and confidence. Fees for both options can be found on the registration page.

Do you want to deliver Best Practice care to callers at risk of suicide and mental health crisis, and provide greater protection for your field responders?
You're in good company! 
911 leaders in the U.S. who were deeply concerned with the increase in Officer-Involved Shootings and Line of Duty Deaths came to Jim Marshall seeking help.
In response, Jim developed the Certified Emergency Mental Health Dispatcher program. CEMHD combines the highly acclaimed courses, EMHD and LifeBridges to Suicide Callers. (Both courses are still available separately, See information and videos below.) Certification is sustained by high-quality EMHD Continuing Education.  And agencies who partner with 911TI, can pursue an optional, ground-breaking Best Practice...
Getting 9-1-1s Life-Saving Data to Mental Health Pros
Clinicians trying to assess citizens struggling with life-threatening mental illnesses rarely ever see the super valuable crisis information gathered by 9-1-1Pros. So care planning and suicide prevention is significantly weakened. To bridge this vital gap, the Training Institute has created the nation's first collaborative system that joins the real-time life-saving efforts of 911 telecommunicators with field responders and crisis mental health workers. It's called...
    Now Available Onsite and as Online Training!
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Clinically informed strategies for boosting cooperation of callers with Mental Illness
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(Non-certification Track)

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