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Daniel Edwards is a Resilience and Call Mastery Instructor and Consultant with unique expertise in crisis communications, intervention, and management.
Daniel is a retired Police Captain with 28 years of service in law enforcement. He started his law enforcement career as a police officer at the Durham Police Department (NC) in 1991. He steadily moved up the ranks at the department from patrol to becoming a Field Training Officer for recruits who recently graduated the academy. Daniel promoted to Patrol Corporal, Criminal Investigations Sergeant, and then to Lieutenant, and he held special assignments as a Hostage Negotiator and an Instructor and Trainer for Durham PD and Durham Emergency Communications Center.
Daniel has a unique ability to facilitate discussion and embrace difficult topics in 911, law enforcement, business, education, government, and non-profit arenas. In 2013, he founded Critical Perceptions LLC, a private company that has allowed him to profoundly change dynamics in law enforcement and emergency communications, as well as other agencies and organizations, that are ready to make a shift.
In 2016, Daniel promoted to Captain and was responsible for the Fourth District as the Patrol Division Commander. He continued to enforce state laws and city ordinances that protected life and property, and he helped establish collaborative partnerships between the officers under his command and members of the community that they served. Daniel retired in 2019 after 28 years of service to the city of Durham.
Daniel holds a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology. He is a licensed clinical therapist, with special expertise in addiction and recovery, and he serves as a Supervisor at Durham Recovery Innovations where he engages with patients who are on their journey to recovery. Daniel is also an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina Central University. He and his wife own and operate a Bed & Breakfast that recently celebrated 25 years in business.
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