HOSTING: Flat-Fee Basis 


All our courses are Michigan SNC-Approved and eligible for Approval throughout U.S.

HOSTING: Flat-Fee Basis
You choose the location and dates; pay a flat fee rate for up to 35 students.
(Best value for 20 or more employees.) 

Flat Fee is per course with up to 35 students. Additional students welcome at the following per student discounted cost: $209 (1 day course); $329 (2 day course); $490 (3 day course).

One day course:  4100.00 (= to 205.00 per student if 20 students enrolled, or 137.00 per student if 30 students)

Two day courses: 6700.00 (= to 335.00 per student if 20 students enrolled, or 223.00 per student if 30 students)


Three day courses: 9000.00 (= to 450.00 per student if 20 students enrolled, or 300.00 per student if 30 students)

Cancellation Policy

The agency may cancel without penalty if written notice is received by 911 Training Institute more than 30 days prior to the training date,  However, the agency will be responsible for a cancellation fee of 25% of the agreed flat fee in the contract if written cancellation is received by the Institute less than thirty days prior to the scheduled training date.