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The most powerful training to boost 911 resilience and call mastery is created by joining 911 expertise with psychological expertise. That's why Jim has invited 911Pro John Jannette to join the Institute. 




The 911 Telecommunicator as the Very First Responder

A fellow 911Pro offers Inspiration to help you Rock the Console and Go the Distance as a 911 Professional 

"Just a Dispatcher"!

John "JJ" Jannette

Watch Jim's Intro of JJ Jannette
Watch JJ's Intro of His Course
John “JJ” Jannette, CMCP, is one bright, funny and humble guy! And he's a person I’ve grown to greatly trust and respect as a colleague and friend. JJ has been around the 911 block for more than 20 years and has developed a fresh vision of the 911 profession that can help you regroup and buffer the impacts of 911 stress. Now he’s ready to share himself and this vision with you.
Jim Marshall, Founder, 911 Training Institute

Not "Just a Dispatcher"!

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  • Locations: available throughout the U.S. and Canada by request
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  • Course Fee: $229/per person
  • SNC Approval #: MCI201704A MI

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