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Linda Marshall, BA, is a Co-Founder of the 911 Training Institute with her husband, Jim Marshall, and his sister Deborah Achtenberg. She retired as the Treasurer, who helped shape all major 911TI initiatives and oversaw financial bookkeeping. 

Linda has been Jim's partner in all things since 1982, foremost being the loving care of their two children while serving in volunteer roles at their schools and church. 

Linda prior worked in retail business management, newspaper display advertising and graphics, and had served as a flight attendant. She also managed the books for Jim's private, clinical practice, MasterCare Institute, from 1996 to 2013. She continued in the same role for 911TI until she retired in 2022.

Jim credits her intellectual and spiritual partnership as being invaluable in shaping and sustaining the mission of both Institutes over the years. 

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