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Helping 9-1-1 leaders evaluate and optimize PSAP operationsto boost...

How we Can Help

911TI and our team of experts in 9-1-1, psychology, and organizational leadership, has joined forces with Dr. Michelle Lilly of Lilly Consulting to assist your agency in securing a thriving workforce. 

Jim Marshall and Michelle have been colleagues for years, sharing a dedication to understanding and serving the 9-1-1 industry. She has led the way in researching the psychological impacts of doing 9-1-1 work on employees in the United States, and she has worked to build resilience tools to optimize well-being among 9-1-1 Professionals. 
She leverages her clinical experience and expertise as a clinical researcher to assess the well-being of your organization and your personnel, identify your key assets supporting a resilience workplace as well as those that create risk to employees' well-being, performance and morale.

Dr. Lilly then provides your agency with concrete recommendations you can follow to optimize workplace conditions leading to greater success for your organization.


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Michelle, CEO, Lilly Consulting


For a complimentary initial consultation and to learn more about how 911TI's organizational consulting team can assist your agency, contact

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