Jim Marshall Set to Keynote the Montana APCO Conference

The Montana State Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials (APCO) is hosting their annual conference October 9-11th at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in Helena, MT. This year, 911TI is proud to present the Opening Keynote Address and a post-conference training class, both delivered by Jim Marshall.

Opening Keynote Address – The Power of 911 Peer Support Wednesday, October 9, 8:00am – 12:00pm MST No one “gets” the life of a 911 professional like a 911 professional. When the combo of stress from work and home piles up, even the best and most seasoned dispatchers can struggle. And more and more of our PSAPs have experienced major, traumatic incidents they just did not know how to face. But what happens when you, as a PSAP family, are prepared to come alongside each other as you travel through these hardships? You can prevent burnout, improve morale and help your peers feel encouraged to stay in this career. You might even help save a fellow 911 professional’s life. Join 911 author, educator and mental health professional, Jim Marshall, for this inspiring, interactive morning to discover The Power of 911 Peer Support.

Post-Conference Class – Survive & Thrive: Introductory Stress Resilience Training Friday, October 11, 8:00am – 5:00pm MST In this unique 8-hour course, a mental health professional specializing in 911 stress moves way beyond “cookie cutter” advice. Jim Marshall will empower you to manage the stressors you face in, and beyond, the PSAP. This is not a class to improve your work performance (though it likely will). This is an experience you will help shape to make your LIFE the best it can be, one day at a time. Boost your personal resilience so that you can protect your quality of life at work and home by learning:

  • Cutting edge knowledge about stress, 911 PTSD and other stress-related conditions that can hijack your well-being.

  • Personal resilience skills and tools you can build into daily life to prevent and manage these negative impacts.

  • Strategies to pull out of toxic stress cycles fueling ugly peer conflicts and boost the morale of your shift and 911 center.

  • “In-the-moment” strategies to manage personal distress during 911 calls, ranging from the most annoying and frustrating to those involving traumatic, life-threatening violence.

  • A fresh and more encouraging vision of your profession and a Personal Game Plan to go the distance at work and Survive & Thrive.

For more information and to register for the Montana APCO Conference, visit their website: www.mtapco.com.

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