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9-1-1 Center Teams face extraordinary Challenges...

         s if the core work of operating a 9-1-1 center and assuring effective 24/7 service delivery isn't difficult enough even in better days. So, how can you and your team members sustain morale, adequate staffing and peak performance when facing such agency, community and nation-wide crises? 

Escalating race crises, natural and man-made disasters, and Line-of-Duty Deaths are a few examples of highly complex psychological demands to which PSAP personnel must respond with great care and professionalism.

...How will you navigate them?


There are no easy answers, but there are solutions! 

911TI's faculty leverages unique and broad subject matter expertise to prepare your responders with high-value, special focus training for peak performance even during the most challenging times. Special issues courses include Post-Tragedy Care Planning for Leaders, Survive & Thrive as Leaders, and more. New special issues training curriculum can also be developed by request of our partners.

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