An Innovative Training Option

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"Everyone involved in leading emergency dispatch centers should read this book. The perspectives and strategies shared here may save the life of a lifesaver."  Mike Taigman

"I'm a training coordinator in my dispatch center and I've been looking for new training topics to develop our monthly training, so I bought this book. I have to say, it is more relatable to me than any other resilience and stress management book I have read so far, including those for "law enforcement."   Jay K.

Now it's even more than a Great Book. It's a Continuing Education Experience!

Here's a great concept! First, read The Resilient 911 Professional on your own, then join your 911 Peers virtually for live events to share and enrich your take-aways, and you can take quick quizzes to earn CE. It's all part of the Res911ProCE Experience--a unique, innovative way to learn, protect your personal resilience and help build a healthy 911 culture in your PSAP! 

Ultimately, this experience is not about the book. The book is just a springboard. The Res911Pro CE Experience is about vitally engaging our Very First Responders to think more deeply and join more powerfully together, focusing on how to sustain their resilience individually, as teams in their PSAPs from the ground up. 

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Here's the rest of the scoop...

Imagine digging into a chapter of a great book that was written all about your profession--the life of the 911 Professional. As you read, you resonate with descriptions of the psychological terrain of your 911 world, the stressors, you face; stories of those who have overcome PTSD, addiction, compassion fatigue; you discover the Resilient 9-1-1 MindSet and science-based skills to help you rock the console, protect your own life, and support your peers; or, as leader, you read about nitty-gritty leadership solutions and comprehensive strategies enabling you to help your personnel stay resilient and peak-perform. Along the way as you read, you jot down your biggest takeaways. We wrote The Resilient 9-1-1 Professional to bring you that kind of value...


But what if you could then also join members of your 911 Family from around North America for a live virtual gathering--The Resilient 9-1-1 Professional Continuing Education Experience?  Now you can get far more from the book, by entering into dynamic discussions with Jim Marshall and other authors of The Resilient 9-1-1 ProfessionalWhether you take part in our Res 911Pro CE Pilot Project, or soon thereafter, it's gonna be some serious fun as the questions fly, people share their own real-life experiences connected to chapters we review, and talk about how they are applying the lessons learned in daily life. 


And how cool would it be to actually earn Continuing Education (CE) credits while you have fun? You'll have that option when  you register for the super-affordable Res911Pro CE Experience. To earn your credits you'll just download the open-book quiz (at the link we provide) before you start reading, answer the questions  as you read the chapter, then just log in to our 911ResPro portal; enter your answers, get your scores, see any wrong answers, and you'll get three tries to pass. Then BOOM! Your CE Certification shows up in your inbox, ready for you to print! Pretty cool, eh? 

Each week, during the Res911Pro CE Pilot Project, you will read one chapter from one of the book's four Sections, take the quiz, then opt in to the Live virtual Q&A and sharing time. Once you're finished with the four week experience,  you can also enjoy unlimited access to all the recorded 911ResPro CE Events in our 911TI Continuing Education Library. Those who don't want to register for the paid Continuing Education experience, can still enjoy listening to the recorded sessions. Upon completion of the pilot project, 911 Training Institute and our pilot partners will seek (and take to heart!) your input on what you liked, what was most valuable, and how we can make the Res911Pro CE Experience even better.

We've made this CE experience remarkably affordable for even the smallest comm centers. You or your center buy the book (either through Amazon, or at a bulk discount right here. During the national pilot, you then pay only $5.00 per CE units/hour per student. Note: this CE cost is discounted to participants in the pilot in exchange for your brief feedback to optimize the program. While the price per CEU may increase following the Pilot, we will assure that The Res911Pro CE Experience will be among the most affordable available CE's in the industry.   

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