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Employee Assistance Programs

As a benefit of your employment, EAPs can provide you with free, confidential counseling...   


NOTE; If you need immediate crisis help, please click here.


What is an EAP?

EAPs provide employees with a number of counseling sessions at no charge as a benefit of your employment.

The Value of EAPs

EAPs vary greatly in the level and type of care they offer to employees.  They can help to sort out personal or work issues that don't involve a serious mental health problems (though some do provide this more intensive help. For such issues see our Seeking Personal Help page here.  

If you aren't sure if your agency has an EAP, check with your Human Resources department. All such inquiries should be fully confidential.


To read more about EAPs and 911 Training Institute's proposed Best Practice standard in EAP service to 911Pros, read this document

Most importantly, as you strive to excel taking care of everyone else in your life, recognize when it's time to...

Get the Help you Need!  

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