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All our courses have achieved required approvals and eligible for approval throughout U.S.

At 911TI, our goal is to deliver a great 911 class experience to your personnel with powerful, lasting impacts. But we also strive to earn lasting relationships with PSAP leaders through excellence in the support we offer you as our training host. 

How Hosting works with 911TI...


A Streamlined Process: you select the 911TI classes you want and we'll send you a hosting packet that provides all the details you need. Deborah Gagnon, our Operations and Training Manager, will work closely with you to ensure that your hosting experience runs smoothly from start to finish.


Fee for Training is Per-Student*: 911 Training Institute provides training on a per-student fee basis enabling agencies of any size to afford training, especially since...


Registration is Open: the Host Agency opens registration to all PSAPs resulting in several benefits for your agency described below. To achieve the best possible course participation, 911TI works diligently (with your help) to get the word out to other agencies. (Special arrangements can be made to deliver "closed" training just for your PSAP. Ask us for more information.)  


Benefits for Your Agency


Convenience & Cost Savings: by choosing to host classes at your center or another local venue, you'll simplify your training logistics, save staff travel time, and reduce related costs for your agency.


Make Training More Possible: By opening registration to other agencies, you can host training even if you have a small number of employees who can attend, and you gain...

More Cost Savings: you receive two complimentary seats with 20 or more total paid registrations (including personnel from other agencies), and an additional seat at 30 or more registrants.   

Center Recognition: when you host quality training and open it to other PSAPs, you create continuing education opportunities for your 911 colleagues in your region, foster stronger PSAP relationships in your region, and your center rightfully gains recognition for raising the training standard in the 911 profession.


Customized Training for Your Center: When you host a 911TI course, Jim Marshall and his team work to assure that the course experience meets the specific needs of your personnel, while assuring that it will be fully relevant to all who attend.


Boosting PSAP Morale: 911TI courses are recognized as among the best in the nation. When you host our courses, especially when customized to your agency's needs, you send a strong message to your employees about the value you place in them. Such efforts can go a long way in boosting PSAP morale and professionalism.


Costs (In-person, on-site)

  • One day courses, per seat: $259.00

  • Two day courses, per seat: $425.00

  • Three day courses, per seat: $619.00

  • Certified Peer Supporter course, per seat: $719.00

Hosting Cancellation Policy: 

As Host, if you find it necessary to cancel the class(es) you are hosting, we require written notice of cancellation at least one month prior to the start of class. If written cancellation is received by the Institute less than thirty days prior to the scheduled training, the host agency will be responsible for a cancellation fee noted in the Hosting Contract. 

*PSAPs can also request to host 911TI courses using a "flat rate" fee structure. Rates vary based on number of days involved. For more information email

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