Leaders don't excel independently, but by the wisdom to know when counsel is needed. 


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Here are just some of the consulting services we offer to help 911 leaders achieve excellence...

Employee Assistance Programs

We identify and vett clinical practices and mental health professionals in your area, help you select those most qualified to deliver effective treatment, and even negotiate the best contract, Then we train your chosen EAP provider  to serve your PSAP personnel in accordance with 911 EAP Best Practices established by the 911 Wellness Foundation. (This is a must-read document if you're responsible for selecting an EAP.)

EAP Consulting video coming soon!

High-Risk/High Complexity Personnel Problems

You've invested a great deal in your employees, and some who were your best are now struggling with performance and attitude problems threatening their retention--perhaps even the morale of your PSAP. Jim Marshall provides a clinically informed problem assessment and a game-plan that can help troubled employees get headed in the right direction again. 

High-Risk video coming soon!

Boosting Staff Coooperation in the PSAP Consolidation Process

None of us likes change when it may create more stress in our daily lives--especially when we feel we lack control over that change. As 911 leaders guide their centers through a consolidation, staff resistance can become a serious threat to a successful transition. Jim and his Consolidation Optimizing Team rally rich expertise to help smooth the path to a great start-up.

Consolidation video coming soon!