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Resilience Driven Peak Performance Boosting Safety for All!

Jim Marshall is a mental health professional deeply embedded in the 9-1-1 industry. He and his team of clinicians and 911Pros collaborate to create expertly-guided, super flexible curriculum and solutions empowering 911Pros to manage calls involving mental crises and suicide risk.
911TI's model, Emergency Mental Health Dispatching (EMHD), transforms the mindsets, approach, and interaction shared by the 911Pro and the caller. For years, 911TI has trained these very first responders in the classroom to deploy EMHD, and now a preliminary study shows that those equipped with EMHD training, and a new science-based suicide protocol
If you want to deliver Best Practice care to callers struggling with mental crises and suicide, and foster safety for your responders and all on scene... 

...You've come to the right place.

designed by 911TI, personally experience significantly decreased anxiety, increased confidence, and a greater sense of effectiveness in handling these high risk calls.*   
*Marshall J, Ashwood D, Fox A, Soukup J. Measuring the impact of training on emergency dispatcher management of general mental crisis calls and suicide calls. Ann Emerg Dispatch & Response. 202;8(1):16-19

Review the brief introductions to each course below then choose to register, host, or go deeper in learning more.

911TI's Curriulum accommodates every PSAP... 


  1. Foundations of Emergency Mental Health Dispatching: 8 hours

  2. LifeBridges to Suicide Callers--Core Concepts: 8 hours

  3. Emergency Mental Health Dispatching + LifeBridges (EMHD+LB): 24 hours

  4. Sustaining Excellence in EMHD: 8 hours (Continuing Education course: prerequisite is EMHD+LB) 

Note: PSAPs desiring to implement the ProQA version of the LifeBridges protocol are required to complete the 4 hour course, Getting Started with the LifeBridges Protocol. This can be completed prior to, or after, completing the above courses. For more/updated information, contact 911TI.


 911TI recommends the three-day Emergency Mental Health Dispatching + LifeBridges (see below) as the best practice standard in managing calls involving mental illness and suicide. Yet, many agencies find it challenging to schedule longer courses. This one-day Foundations of EMHD delivers the powerful core EMHD concepts, tactics, and strategies that 911Pros need to get a solid start in managing these calls. 


When do you ask a caller if they are considering suicide? How do you ask the question? What do you do to strategically help the person shift from shutting down or pulling the trigger?  
What is the best way to help a caller choose to live? And how do you help the struggling person when they go silent on the call? The answers to these questions must be based on the most current suicidology science customized to the role of the 911Pro.

That's what Building LifeBridges to Suicide Callers - Core Concepts is all about.
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EMHD + LifeBridges is a 24-hour, 3-day, curriculum in which participants will improve competence and confidence in dispatching and managing calls involving mental crises and those at risk of suicide. Class includes additional integrated resilience training, guided practicum experience, and a Learning Assessment, all leading to Certification as an EMHD. Attainment of this certification represents an industry best practice preparation for managing these call types. 
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Join your peers to hone your skills and gain fresh insights through expertly guided group exploration of great EMHD calls. 
Sustaining excellence in EMHD is an inspiring group experience!
911Pros and their leaders dedicated to best practice in managing crisis calls seek continuous improvement in performance. This is good business not only for the callers, but for 9-1-1 professionals who buffer the impacts of call-related stress by gaining optimal confidence in their work at the console. Sustaining Excellence in EMHD course is open to all Certified Emegency Mental Health Dispatchers who share this passion. 
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