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Notice: neither the content of this website nor the services provided by 911TI constitute clinical care. Jim Marshall practices as a licensed mental health professional only in the State of Michigan.  

"In emergency response,

every second counts because every life matters.            



And every hour of training that a 911 Professional receives can make a Lifetime of Difference               for their field responders, the caller, and the 911Pro's own well-being.  




guided by expertly designed and delivered training can rock their calls, dispatch with excellence and take great care of themselves. That's a triple win. And that's what 911 Training Institute is uniquely qualified to deliver."  

Jim Marshall M.A., Founder & Director

Passionate Clinical and 911 Expertise Devoted to Optimizing the Wellbeing and Peformance of the


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911Pros must stay resilient and excel at managing and dispatching high-risk callers.  We equip telecommunicators  with science-driven, expertly  delivered training to optimize self-care, peer support, home life, and to excel as the Very  First Responder managing suicide risk, mental illness, domestic violence and more. In a nutshell.  

That's our 911 niche!



Emergency response professionals go to conferences for inspiring sessions and conversation with their colleagues that will empower them in the year to come. 

Jim Marshall's keynote and plenary sessions are designed to powerfully catalyze this experience. Sure they'll love it and learn a lot. But they will also... 

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Mental health professionals have written quite a few books to help firefighters and law enforcement officers. But such a book had never been written especially for 9-1-1Pros until now! The Resilient 9-1-1 Professional is the first comprehensive resource designed to help our Very First Responders Survive & Thrive at work and at home.  And it's...

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To host Jim at your agency, conference, or event, please contact Deborah@911Training.net or call 231.622.1600.  Jim also welcomes correspondence by email at Jim@911Training.net and direct calls: 231.881.1434.